5 Modern Innovations for Your Home

5 Modern Innovations for Your Home

Advances in technology have made modern homes more functional and innovative. If you’re looking to add a touch of contemporary style and digital convenience, consider implementing one of these five amazing improvements.

1. Home Elevator

Nothing says modern loft quite like a residential freight elevator. Taller structures are becoming more common in minimalist homes, and the addition of a lift creates convenience on top of industrial flair. Imagine transporting furniture, groceries or other bulky items without having to trek up three flights of stairs.

2. Transition Windows

The amount of light that comes through your windows varies throughout the day. Instead of fussing with shades and blind cords, you might use smart windows that automatically minimize and maximize tint to filter in the right amount of light. The glass connects to Wi-Fi-enabled technology that takes readings and adjusts as necessary.

3. Solar Panels

Solar panels have become a versatile … Read the rest

5 Modern Innovations for Your Home

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Home RemodelMy basic contractor, who is also my tennis teammate, was making fun of me for spending $6,000 for replacing my 40 yr old gravity furnace that was lined with asbestos. A kitchen gutted to the framing and reworked throughout the current house however with a wall removed will take three to a few and a half months. The before and after pictures of dwelling-renovation reveals on HGTV and the DIY Community are compelling, but do not be deceived about the projects’ value and duration. Now that you’ve got answered the questions on value and affordability, it is time to get some bids from reworking corporations or basic contractors.

Contractors know the chances are low that the homeowner will balk at an additional $10,000 – $20,000 worth of work that is necessary to make the house higher. Many contractors advocate adding an extra 10 to 20 percent to your venture’s overall … Read the rest