Why is My House Subsiding?

Why is My House Subsiding?

Subsidence, according to the Cambridge Dictionary, is ‘the process by which land or buildings sink to a lower level’. Although quite rate, it is something that can affect some homes. But what causes it, and can it be prevented? 

What Causes Subsidence? 

There are many different causes of subsidence. It occurs when the ground below a building begins to shift or collapse. When it does, the foundations of the home sink with it. This can lead to one side of the building sinking lower than the other, which can lead to deep cracks in the walls. To that end, below are a few examples of what can cause subsidence. 

Unsuitable Soil 

Some soil types are not suitable for construction and laying foundations on top of them can result in subsidence in the future. Soil engineers do not recommend building on top of soil that contains clay or peat. Read the rest