How to Maximize Your Artificial Turf

How to Maximize Your Artificial Turf

To make the most of your new artificial turf, you should know how to care for it. There are many ways to make your new turf look great. Here are a few tips. First, avoid letting weeds grow through your turf. Second, be aware of the cost of your turf.

Installing Artificial Turf

Installing artificial turf can be a challenging and time-consuming process. If you’re installing a large lawn, you’ll probably need several friends or a professional to assist you. Before you start, it’s essential to spray the area with a weed killer. You can use Round-Up, but apply it two weeks before the project. This will kill the plant matter right down to its roots.

You’ll also need to remove a few inches of soil. This step is crucial to the stability of the installation. Cutting corners during base preparation can result in uneven ground, dips and bumps, and … Read the rest


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