Benefits of Aerating Your Lawn

Benefits of Aerating Your Lawn

If your lawn is looking a little dry and puny, you may need to invest in core aeration. The aeration process removes cores of soil and grass from your lawn’s surface, which allows new nutrients, water, air and fertilizer to reach the roots of your grass, causing it to grow stronger and fuller. These are the benefits of aerating your lawn.

Loosens Soil

As you begin searching for local contractors, i.e., aeration Fairfax Station VA, you should know how aeration will benefit your soil. First, aeration loosens your soil, so it isn’t compacted so hard. It opens up space around the roots of your plants, giving them room to grow and thrive. It also loosens your soil below the root line so your roots can grow deeper into the ground, increasing their strength and allowing them to get to additional nutrients and water.

If you follow core aeration with fertilization, you can also significantly change the pH of your soil because these fertilizers get deeper into it when they fall into the cores.

Manages Thatch

Thatch is dead grass that sits on top of your lawn. If you have too much thatch, it can suffocate your grass. It also retains moisture and nutrients that your grass could use. Aeration brings thatch-decomposing microorganisms to the top of your lawn so that they can start naturally removing the thatch without damaging your lawn.

Reduces Runoff

During heavy rains and snows, you may experience water runoff or puddling. When you core aerate your lawn, it opens the soil up to receive this moisture more efficiently and effectively. You will no longer have pools of water in some places and rivers in others after a hard rain.

If you are ready to prepare your grass for winter dormancy and experience a bright green spring lawn, contact an aeration specialist.

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