Beyond a Simple Brand, Fatboy is The Reference

Beyond a Simple Brand, Fatboy is The Reference

Raised to the top in view of the quality of the items it offers to its kind customers, Fatboy is a reference in its field. Specialized in furniture and also by its fine and unique lighting lamps, it is clearly distinguished from competitors. Practically the creator of pouf furniture, it integrates both innovation and style while ensuring quality to its users. The wide variety of its product lines guarantees absolute satisfaction.

The collections offered by Fatboy

To embellish your living spaces, inside and outside, Fatboy offers two main categories of accessories. On the one hand furniture, and on the other hand original lighting.

In the first category, we find:

  • The ranges of poufs: it is indeed about this accessory of interior and also used outside, as place sitting or lying, very soft. Its main characteristic is its softness, which comes from the quality of its components. Like the uses, the sizes vary. There are those of interior and exterior, often used in the main room and also in the rooms.
  • The seat mists: equipped with footstools and a wooden base, this is a current feature that you will find available exclusively at fatboy. This mix of the traditional seat with the pouf brings out both the classic and also comfortable side.
  • Recycled at tackle benches: made of recycled plastic, they are intended to occupy the garden. Very soft to the touch, they are favorable to head-to-head discussions. Difficult to alter, given its realization with hard plastic. The sizes and colors, as well as the designs, vary.
  • Side tables: these are small service tables. They are flexible and can be modulated. The size of the space can be improved or, among other things, ice buckets can be inserted.

High-quality furniture with Fatboy’s product range

As far as furniture is concerned, there are many more, and above are some references for information. In the second category, that is to say, the lighting fixtures, we can mention among others :

  • Clear table lamps: generally, of light color, they are arranged on tables and allow good lighting for work.
  • BedsideBedside lamps: generally less strong in intensity, they are arranged on the bedside so as to have a good night’s sleep. Generally less strong in intensity, they are arranged on the bedside so as to have a good night’s sleep.

These various articles available on this platform are registered trademarks fatboy.

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