How to Make Sure a Power Saw is in Good Working Order

How to Make Sure a Power Saw is in Good Working Order

Power tools such as electric saws fitted with diamond blades are very powerful and can be dangerous when not taken care of. These expensive tools should therefore be maintained at all times to ensure they are working correctly. The experts at Devour Tools tell us that there are a number of things that should be done before, during, and after every use of the power saw to keep it in good working order. 

Before Use

Always check to make sure that the saw is in good condition before connecting it to the power supply. Have a good look over the body and the handle of the saw for cracks or other signs of damage. Make sure that all screws are tight and that the blade is correctly mounted. Have a look over the cord for signs of wear and tear, such as frays. Make sure the blade guard is moving up and down as it should. Inspect the plug to ensure the cord is correctly attached and that there are no cracks or loose prongs. Lubricate any moving parts if appropriate and ensure that the blades are sharp. Finally, if blades are dull, they may need to be sharpened prior to use, or replaced. 

During Use

Always operate the power saw according to the manufacturer’s guidelines. Be sure the saw is fitted with the correct blade for the job. Each blade will have details of the specific material it is designed to cut printed on it. You need to make certain that you choose an appropriate blade based on whether you plan to dry or wet cut. If you are wet cutting, it is essential to have a continuous supply of water or other liquid during the cutting process to prevent damage to the blade or the machine. 

If you are dry cutting, allow the blade and the machine to cool down during operation. If you run the saw for too long without stopping, you run the risk of it overheating. You can aid cooling of the blade by running the saw without cutting anything from time to time. 

Never try to force the saw or blade into the material that you are cutting. Let the saw do the work – gentle pressure should be more than sufficient. Forcing the blade could cause it to get stuck in the material or to kick back, which could cause an accident. 

After Use

Your saw and blade should always be cleaned after use. Wipe away any dust and debris from the blade and check to ensure that other parts of the machine are clean and working properly. You can use a dry-cleaning cloth to wipe away dirt, but a can of compressed air is a safe and easy way to clean the tool. This is especially useful when it comes to cleaning the vents on the saw. Again, look for any signs of damage. 

Always store the saw away in a safe, dry place, always making sure that blades are covered or removed from the power tool when it is not in use to prevent accidental damage. Ideally store the saw in the box that it came in, or at least a dedicated tool storage chest or cupboard. This will prevent components from being exposed to moisture and dust that could cause corrosion. 


A power saw is an expensive tool that can be dangerous when not kept in good condition. To make sure your saw is always working as it should, you should follow the above tips before, during, and after each use.

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