Two of the Most Valuable Scrap Metal Types

Two of the Most Valuable Scrap Metal Types

Having a lot of pieces of scrap metal around your home, place of business, or local area can be very profitable, but it can also be a headache. To help you make sure that you’re able to find the most profitable metals, here are two types of scrap metal that you should prioritize over others.


Copper is valued mostly for being an excellent conductor of electricity, but it also has plenty of other applications, including being a primary component of pipes. As it also costs a lot more time and money to make copper from scratch, manufacturers who use it are likely chomping at the bit to use recycled materials over brand new materials. The current values of copper tend to vary depending on its price in the current market and the exact type of copper, so be sure to keep up with your research before you find copper and go to scrap metal dealers NJ.


Brass is highly valued as a metal because it has a lot of strength and lasts for a long amount of time. It’s also more difficult to find than such metals as stainless steel. Brass can also have copper in it, which also adds to its value as, from what you can see in the paragraph above, copper has a lot of value in and of itself. This is also the reason why redder brass has more value than yellower brass. You can find brass in such items as plumbing materials, bed frames, lamps, door handles, and faucets.

Hopefully, this information will help you find the most valuable types of metal to take to your nearest scrap metal recycling center the next time that you go on a scrap metal hunt. In doing so you are sure to gain the most amount of money for the items that you give.

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