Reindeer Hides for Home Decor: A Way to Bring Rustic Charm Into Your Living Space

Reindeer Hides for Home Decor: A Way to Bring Rustic Charm Into Your Living Space

Reindeer hides have been used for centuries to keep people warm. In more recent times, they’ve also gained popularity as home decor accents. Red deer, elk and other types of reindeer all have plenty of useful skin that can be used as a home decor accent piece. Reindeer skins are a beautiful addition to any interior design project, as they provide a warm and rustic setting in which to relax, particularly during the colder months. This article covers some information about reindeer skins and how you can use them in your home as decorations or accents to incorporate their rustic charm into your own living space! 

What is a Reindeer Hide? 

A reindeer hide is basically a set of the animal’s skin and fur, including the legs, belly, and head. These are the most common areas for a reindeer hide to be taken from, although some hides can be taken from other parts of the body as well.

Hide Rugs offers beautiful, high-quality , such as Siberian Reindeer hides and White Reindeer hides as well as classic Traditional Reindeer hides, all of which come in beautiful, unique colours to suit your specific interior design vision. 

How to Care for and Decorate With Reindeer Hides 

Caring for reindeer hides is easy and straightforward, though there are a few things you should keep in mind. To start, you should clean a reindeer hide with a mild soap and water, as you would any other natural fabric. After cleaning, you can let the hide air dry. Avoid using a drying machine, as it may be difficult to avoid over-drying the hide. When it comes to storing your reindeer hide, you can either hang it up or store it flat. However, you’ll want to make sure to keep it in a dry place that has low humidity to avoid rotting, especially if the hide is tanned. 

Most reindeer hides will last for years with proper care. When it comes to decorating with reindeer hides, there are a few options. You can hang a reindeer hide on the wall like a framed picture, or you can use it as a tablecloth or other decorative piece of furniture like a couch or bed. You can also use reindeer hides as accessories, such as a set of throw pillows for your couch or bed. 

Where to Find Reindeer Hides 

Traditionally, reindeer hides were sold as seasonal decorations, as they are a great addition to decor during the colder months. Hide Rugs, however, offers a year round selection of high-quality and beautiful rugs to enjoy with free next day delivery, allowing you to start decorating immediately. 

Our hides are sold as individual pieces, with each product having its own photographing and dedicated descriptor page. This allows you to see the unique features of each hide to select the perfect finishing touches to your home.

Strategies for Incorporating Reindeer Hides into Your Home Décor 

There are almost endless ways to incorporate reindeer hides into your home decor, and you can even use a combination of decorations to create a cohesive theme throughout your living space. Here are a few ideas for ways to decorate with reindeer hides: 

– Using reindeer hides as a wall decoration 

One of the most classic ways to decorate with reindeer hides is to hang them on your wall. This is great for large living spaces, or even just using one hide per wall where you have a really large wall. 

– Using reindeer hides as a table runner or tablecloth

Another common use for reindeer hides is to use them as a tablecloth or runner. This is a good option if you want a decorative piece of furniture but don’t have a lot of wall space.

– Using reindeer hides as a throw pillow

Reindeer hides make great decorative pieces, but they’re usually too large to use as a standard pillow. However, you can always use two hides together to create a large pillow that will add a rustic charm to your couch or bed. 

–  Using reindeer hides as a decorative pillow

You can also use a single reindeer hide as a pillow for your couch or bed, although these are generally used as decorative pieces instead of for function. 


Reindeer hides have been used for centuries to keep people warm, and they’ve also gained popularity as home decor accents. Sami people have an ancient tradition of utilising every part of the reindeer, including using their beautiful furs to keep warm. 

Reindeer hides are a very most common type of animal hide used for home-decor purposes, thanks in large part to their prevalence during the colder months, however they spark a degree of luxury that cannot be beaten. With our ethical and sustainable sourcing, you can rest assured that your home will look elegant, rustic and beautiful without worry of welfare. The value found at Hide Rugs, therefore, cannot be matched.

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